3 Sources that Wll Help You to Come up with Ideas for the Research Paper on World History

Research papers are like lawsuits which require strong evidences for a judge to rule in their favor. An academic project requires compelling evidence. So, it is important to find information from credible sources. There are countless sources of information on earth; some helpful, whereas others are questionable. Here are 3 sources you need for your world history research paper ideas.

  1. Scholarly sites.
    These are some of the best resources which are particularly made for researchers and students. They offer different online sources with specific documents you need on world history. A run-down of journal articles, websites, and PDFs are given. The advantage of scholarly sites is that your search results contain only what you feed in rather than unnecessary promotional sites for products and services.
  2. School’s library.
    This should be the very first source to start with. You will get academic works like books, magazines, journals, and past papers of your school’s alumni. If there is an online school library, then you will have a simpler time because you don’t have to go through every history source manually. Al you need is a library card ad you will access all the information you need from articles, databases, e-books, and more.
  3. Online public library.
    This source enables students to search information by subjects. Once you fed in your keywords, you get website links as opposed to scholarly journals. It is very useful I you are looking for government and organization sites. If you are stuck, you have an opportunity to contact a librarian who will help you get the ideal sources to use in your topic.

Getting started

Ideas for world history are limitless. But do not be overwhelmed. What you need is to begin with ideas that that will facilitate an original topic and proceed to decide on what you want to learn and if the available sources of information will suffice. Use these tips:

  • Let your thoughts flow naturally
  • Break down big ideas into smaller ones
  • Form out-of-the-box perspectives
  • Use figures, charts, and maps
  • Ask yourself questions regarding what, where, who, why, and when

World history research paper topic ideas

  1. How World War I helped in creation of employment
  2. The results of scientific revolution
  3. How peasants survived during medieval age
  4. The positive outcomes of Cold War
  5. Why Catholic Church earned a lot of followers in 13th Century

Research paper topics world history carry a lot of information which sometimes overwhelm students such that they fail to come up with precise research topics. In your search for credible sources, browse this site for more insights.

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