12 research paper ideas on nursing for college students

It might seem like a nursing degree would involve taking classes with lots of hands-on learning. Most students are surprised to find that they have to write just as many papers as a student who is working a literature degree or a history degree. Nursing students usually have to write research papers as well as typical essays, so nursing students also have to create topic ideas. Coming up with ideas can be frustrating, so here are a dozen ideas:

  1. What are the safety risks that nurses encounter?
  2. What is the difference between a nurse and a nurse practitioner?
  3. Why is there a shortage in nurses?
  4. What ethical questions do nurses have to deal with?
  5. What are the different types of nurses?
  6. How do nurses advance their careers?
  7. Why is nursing a satisfying career?
  8. Do nurses still work out of public schools?
  9. Do nurses prefer working in a doctor’s office or a hospital?
  10. What do nurses do to promote healthy habits?
  11. What strategies do nurses use to avoid getting sick?
  12. How has nursing changed over the last 30 years?

Creating a topic should begin with a good question. It only needs to be a yes-or-no question, because you will find the answer through the research that you do. However, there is nothing wrong with asking a question that you want to know more about, even if it is not a yes-or-no question. Term papers and essays are your opportunity to delve deeply into a topic of interest and show your instructor what you know, so always write about subjects that are meaningful to you.

If these twelve topic ideas do not work for you, you can always revise the question into something that is interesting. Maybe you only want to know how nursing has changed since medical facilities began using electronic records. Maybe you want to know what nurses do in comparison to the doctors that they support. Maybe you just want to know the difference between being a nurse who works in the emergency area of a hospital versus a nurse who works in surgeries. You might even want to look deeply into a procedure that is common for nurses - like giving injections or inserting catheters. You might even be curious about what nurses do when they disagree with a decision that a physician made.

The sky truly is the limit when you need to create a topic for a research paper about nursing.

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