How To Come Up With Unique Research Paper Topics For University

You may face difficulty while choosing a unique topic for your university research paper. Because there are so many things around you, that you may get confused while finding an interesting one through which you want to gain popularity among the readers. Your professor will give you a general topic, you are the one, who have to find the important aspect of it. From which angle you will start your analyzing work, that is fully up to you.

So to know different aspects of a topic, you have to go through the every evidences to find out the angle, you want to write about. You can take help of your professor or you can go through some of the books and journals from the library and the most important source of information, i.e. internet. Here you will get each and every source of information, and besides you can take help to find out a good topic. Here are some examples of the topics, which you can choose to write.


  • Write about the limits of a roller coaster. What are the accidental facts behind the enjoyment? What safety measures should be taken?
  • The importance of vaccinations. What are the contents of a vaccination? How does it help us in our immunity? Write about the proper timings to get vaccinated.
  • What disastrous things can happen while tectonic plate movements? How does it happen? Give an example of any recent incident.
  • Write about the satellites. What technology has been used to get that result? How does it work and how does it help us? Give an example.
  • Reason behind the mentos gets explode in a diet coke. How does it happen? Write about other household strange reactions.
  • Write about the Quantum theory. How do maths help in this theory?
  • Write about the advantages of a computer. How can we protect the privacy of our computer?


  • Compare the authors of our present day with the early authors of America. Write about the change in style of writing as well as the way of thinking.
  • Major differences between Asian religions and Christian based religions. Write the similarities and the differences.
  • What is GDP? How can GDP help our country in its growth?
  • Write about the law passed for same sex marriages. What is your opinion?
  • What is the progress of the women of our society? Do still the women are fighting for their rights in our society? Write about the difficulties they face in this hypocrite society.

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