Discussing main parts of a research paper review of related literature

Literature review is an organized summary of materials used in a certain topic. It calls for multitasking i.e. assessment of relevant sources, synthesis of information, and critical thinking. Inspirations can come from co-author, editors, and reviewers. Old materials can be interpreted in new ways, and depending on the material, it can assess the sources and give relevant insights. Here are some useful guidelines by assignment geek.

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  1. Clarity.
    When the assignment has not been clarified by the instructor, a student should consult their professor to know:
    • The preferred types of sources
    • The number of sources to include
    • Whether the sources need to be evaluated, summarized, criticized, or synthesized
    • Whether or not background information and subheadings are necessary
  2. Models.
    To find better ways of organizing your information, you must search for other related literature reviews. Find online articles and use bibliography information from your different sources. Don’t simply search for materials in the area you are reviewing but also in previous reviews. As you discuss the methods, limitations, ad recommendations, seek new angles which haven’t been touched in the past.
  3. Narrow down the topic.
    A well-constructed topic will definitely lead to excellent literature review. And that’s why it has to be interesting, a crucial aspect of your field of study, and well-defined. Apart from selecting a topic, you need to choose a target audience. In the literature review for research paper example where the topic is computational biology, the ideal audience would be computational biologists. Then it may invite related subjects as computer science and biology. Most areas of study have countless sources for particular topics but the narrower your topic is, the easier it becomes since you don’t have to include all materials in the whole world to complete your survey. Of course your professor doesn’t require you to cover everything about your subject, so it would pay to have a limited and manageable scope.
  4. Go for current sources but keep in mind older studies.
    There are some areas which need current databases e.g. science in which case treatment procedures keep changing. In such subjects, some information dated back a year ago before new discoveries were made could be irrelevant. But if you are handling humanity discussions, sociology, and history, you will need to survey both current and past materials in order to show how various perspectives change over time. If you’re in an English class you might want to search for current research paper topics ideas English literature.

Do you wonder why literature review is so important? First, it is a general guide to a topic under discussion. When there is limited time for research, it offers a quick overview and a stepping stone to staying updated in the field. The extent of the review is what reflects the writer’s credibility, hence the need for extensive knowledge. In other words, literature review is the solid background of research paper.

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