Ten Important Facts About Abortion for a Research Paper

Taking into account the increasing number of abortions, it's understandable that the number of researches on the influence of abortions on human life and society has increased as well. There are a lot of debates and a mass of statistics collected on this issue. However, the majority of researchers agree that very often the basis for a quick decision in favor of an abortion is a low level of information support. So, here are some facts you can use in your custom term paper writing:

Ten Facts about Abortion that are Rarely Thought About

  1. An unborn child is a complete person. There is nobody on Earth that didn’t develop from an embryo. It is the earliest stage of human development.
  2. The aborted child feels physical pain. Usually by the time of an abortion the child has formed nerve endings.
  3. Giving a birth to a child is much safer for the health of the mother than having an abortion. It can cause different mental diseases and the level of suicidal attempts for women after abortion is considerably higher than for women after childbirth.
  4. Abortion is the responsibility of both partners. All men that ignore this problem or push the women to get rid of the child are accomplices of abortion.
  5. Double standards are actively applied to abortion. Most people advocate the legality of abortion, but at the same time they consider it immoral.
  6. Young women under thirty have an abortion more often than older women. This is due to financial instability, fear of stigmatization and unwillingness of responsibility.
  7. White women are less likely to have an abortion. Black women are more inclined to have an abortion far more often.
  8. Abortion is one of the instruments of birthrate control. Annually the number of abortions is increasing enough that it can be compared with the elimination of population in a medium sized country.
  9. Usually, unplanned pregnancies are the reason for an abortion. The number of abortions for medical reasons is not as great as commonly thought. Mainly it is a matter of choice.
  10. As a result of an abortion every tenth woman becomes infertile. If the termination of the pregnancy was not performed in the hospital, the risk of future infertility increases 4 times.

How to Minimize Abortion

As a result of numerous researches and debates it is obvious that the most effective methods of reducing the level of abortions are pregnancy planning and the use of contraceptives. This can be implemented through strong information support and high self-awareness.

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