What Makes a Good High School Research Paper: Basic Criteria

During study, you will be regularly assigned to write academic papers. Those, who have no experience in academic writing, might be confused by the challenge, but practice makes perfect, and study is all about practice. There are basic requirements that will help you make a successful paper.

Main Points That Make a Research Paper Good

  1. Research.
  2. As the name of paper’s type says, you have to conduct a great amount of research. Your opinion on the issue is very important, but you have to make sure you support the point with facts. Also, remember that if you have a three-page paper, looking up twenty sources wouldn’t be the best idea. Keep the work balanced, basing on the requirements of your school.

  3. Thesis.
  4. Your thesis is half success of the paper. It has to give the general idea of your work briefly, so make it encompassing yet laconic. You may also want to check it after the paper is complete. Perhaps, it will be necessary to take something out and/or put something in.

  5. Requirements.
  6. Follow all requirements given by your supervisor and don’t hesitate to consult if you have troubles understanding or meeting some of them. The font you use, the format and style you choose – everything matters for the final mark.

  7. Introduction and conclusion.
  8. Keep these parts straightly connected to the things you write about in the main part. Don’t add anything that will not be highlighted in your paper. Many students add new information in conclusion to impress their teachers even more, but it is much better to put everything you want to impress with in the main body of the work.

  9. Proofreading.
  10. Check your work at least twice. Read it when you finish it, then read it once again the next day, and you will see the difference in your comprehension of the work. Organize your time properly to have a chance to check the work, don’t leave it till the last day.

  11. Anti-plagiarism.
  12. It’s better to take your time reading more on your topic than taking someone else’s work and giving it in as your own. Such a mistake can bring more troubles than you think. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t use the thoughts of other researchers. The matter is that you have to cite them and put the sources in your reference list. To know how to cite a source, read style manuals or ask your supervisor.

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